SEBD 2020 Conference Program

The conference will take place using Zoom Meeting (please use a recent version of Zoom Client), you can find links to each session in the program below.

NOTE: You will be on mute when joining a session. To ask questions and interact during research sessions, please click on Participants and then click raise your hand so that the Session Chair will know about your will. There is also a chat and a breakout room for offline discussions.

PROCEEDINGS: pre-print version of conference proceedings are available online.

  Sunday June 21, 2020 - Special Session (Zoom link)
17.30- Welcome cocktail (BYO Ichnusa and Filleferru)
  Monday June 22, 2020 - Morning Sessions (Zoom link)
9.30-10.00 Opening
10.15-11.15 Ontologies and data integration (4 papers)
11.30-12.30 Invited talk: Prof. Gerhard Weikum
  Monday June 22, 2020 - Afternoon Sessions (Zoom link)
15.00-15.45 Anomaly detection and dependencies (3 papers)
16.00-18.00 Open Science:
- Tutorial (Emma Lazzeri, Paolo Manghi)
- Panel (Emma Lazzeri, Paolo Manghi, Shalini Kurapati, Stefano Bianco)
  Tuesday June 23, 2020 - Morning Sessions (Zoom link)
9.15-9.30 Opening
09.30 - 10.15 Text analysis and search (3 papers)
10.30 - 11.15 Deep learning (3 papers)
11.30 - 12.00 NoSQL data (2 papers)
12.15 - 12.45 Trajectories and diffusion (2 papers)
  Tuesday June 23, 2020 - Afternoon Sessions (Zoom link)
15.00 - 16.00 Health and medicine (4 papers)
16.15 - 17.15 Context and ranking (4 papers)
17.45 - 18.45 Invited talk: Prof. Carlo Zaniolo
18.45 - Social Dinner (BYO)
  Wednesday June 24, 2020 - Morning Sessions (Zoom link)
9.15-9.30 Opening
09.30 - 10.30 Social and knowledge graphs (4 papers)
10.45 - 11.45 Invited talk: Prof. Tova Milo
12.00 - 13.00 Multimedia content analysis (4 papers)
  Wednesday June 24, 2020 - Afternoon Sessions (Zoom link)
15.00 - 16.00 Security issues (4 papers)
16.15 - 17.15 Data mining (4 papers)
17.15 - Closing SEBD 2020 with special announcements


Ontologies and data integration

Schedule: Monday June 22, 2020 at 10.15-11.15

Session Chair: Gianmaria Silvello, University of Padua

  • #26 Silvana Castano, Mattia Falduti, Alfio Ferrara and Stefano Montanelli. A Bootstrapping Approach for Semi-Automated Legal Knowledge Extraction and Enrichment.
  • #27 Luca Gagliardelli, Giovanni Simonini and Sonia Bergamaschi. Scaling Up Record-level Matching Rules.
  • #28 Cima Gianluca, Domenico Lembo, Lorenzo Marconi, Riccardo Rosati and Domenico Fabio Savo. Enforcing data privacy through Description Logic ontologies.
  • #40 Sergio Greco, Michele Ianni, Elio Masciari, Domenico Sacca and Irina Trubitsyna. Smart Data Exchange.

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Anomaly detection and dependencies

Schedule: Monday June 22, 2020 at 15.00-15.45
Session Chair: Annalisa Appice, University of Bari

  • #24 Loredana Caruccio, Vincenzo Deufemia and Giuseppe Polese. Lattice-based discovery of hybrid relaxed functional dependencies.
  • #29 Fabrizio Angiulli, Fabio Fassetti, Luigi Palopoli and Cristina Serrao. Detecting and explaining exceptional values in categorical data.
  • #43 Marco Calautti, Nicola Fiorentino, Sergio Greco, Cristian Molinaro and Irina Trubitsyna. Probabilistic Answers over Inconsistent Knowledge Bases.

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Schedule: Tuesday June 23, 2020 at 9.30-10.15
Session Chairs: Flora Amato and Giovanni Cozzolino, University of Naples Federico II

  • #16 Tobias Groth, Sven Groppe, Martin Koppehel and Thilo Pionteck. Parallelizing Approximate Search on Adaptive Radix Trees.
  • #19 Dennis Dosso and Gianmaria Silvello. A Document-based RDF Keyword Search System: Query-by-Query Analysis.
  • #39 Virginia Morini, Laura Pollacci and Giulio Rossetti. Capturing political polarization of Reddit submissions in the Trump Era.

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Deep learning

Schedule: Tuesday June 23, 2020 at 10.30-11.15
Session Chair: Alfio Ferrara, University of Milan

  • #5 Mario Zupan, Svjetlana Letinic and Verica Budimir. Accounting journal reconstruction with Variational autoencoders and Long short-term memory architecture.
  • #18 Francesco Bodria, André Panisson, Alan Perotti and Simone Piaggesi. Explainability Methods for Natural Language Processing: Applications to Sentiment Analysis.
  • #33 Angelo Chianese, Elio Masciari, Vincenzo Moscato, Antonio Picariello and Giancarlo Sperlì. Some experiments on Deep Learning for Fake News Detection.

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NoSQL data

Schedule: Tuesday June 23, 2020 at 11.30-12.00
Session Chair: Devis Bianchini, University of Brescia

  • #6 Amos Brocco, Patrick Ceppi and Lorenzo Sinigaglia. libJoTS: JSON That Syncs!.
  • #7 Matteo Francia, Enrico Gallinucci, Matteo Golfarelli and Stefano Rizzi. OLAP Querying of Document Stores in Presence of Schema Variety.

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Trajectories and diffusion

Schedule: Tuesday June 23, 2020 at 12.15-12.45
Session Chair: Francesco Buccafurri, Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria

  • #17 Ronaldo Mello, Vania Bogorny, Chiara Renso, Luis Otávio Alvares, Luiz Henrique Zambom Santana, Carlos Andres Ferrero, Angelo Augusto Frozza and Geomar Schreiner. A conceptual model for multiple aspects trajectories.
  • #32 Antonio Caliò and Andrea Tagarelli. A framework for complex influence propagation based on the F2DLT class of diffusion models.

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Health and medicine

Schedule: Tuesday June 23, 2020 at 15.00-16.00
Session Chair: Tommaso Di Noia, Politecnico di Bari

  • #13 Maristella Agosti, Giorgiomaria Dinunzio and Stefano Marchesin. A Post-Analysis of Query Reformulation Methods for Clinical Trials Retrieval.
  • #37 Emanuele Barracchia, Gianvito Pio, Domenica D’Elia and Michelangelo Ceci. Prediction of new associations between ncRNAs and diseases exploiting Multi-Type Hierarchical Clustering (Discussion paper).
  • #45 Giuseppe Tradigo, Patrizia Vizza, Pietro Hiram Guzzi and Pierangelo Veltri. On the use of GIS for health and epidemiology control.
  • #46 Amato Flora, Giovanni Cozzolino, Francesco Moscato, Vincenzo Moscato, Antonio Picariello and Giancarlo Sperlì. Privacy-aware design for E-Health Information Systems.

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Context and ranking

Schedule: Tuesday June 23, 2020 at 16.15-17.15
Session Chair: Claudia Diamantini, Università Politecnica delle Marche

  • #1 Fabio A. Schreiber and Maria Elena Valcher. Formal Verification of Context Aware Systems.
  • #2 Paolo Ciaccia, Davide Martinenghi and Riccardo Torlone. Where Porceddu is better than Pasta (Discussion Paper).
  • #15 Alireza Javadian Sabet, Matteo Rossi, Fabio Alberto Schreiber and Letizia Tanca. Context Awareness in the Travel Companion of the Shift2Rail Initiative.
  • #42 Nicola Ferro, Claudio Lucchese, Maria Maistro and Raffaele Perego. Improving Learning to Rank By Leveraging User Dynamics and Continuation Methods.

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Social and knowledge graphs

Schedule: Wednesday June 24, 2020 at 9.30-10.30
Session Chair: Nicola Ferro, University of Padua

  • #9 Andrea Rossi. Interpreting Link Prediction on Knowledge Graphs.
  • #14 Francesco Cauteruccio, Enrico Corradini, Giorgio Terracina, Domenico Ursino and Luca Virgili. Co-posting Author Assortativity in Reddit.
  • #31 Andrea Chiorrini, Claudia Diamantini, Domenico Potena and Emanuele Storti. How to cope with personnel unavailability? Process Mining may help!.
  • #41 Donatella Firmani, Paolo Merialdo, Elena Nieddu, Andrea Rossi and Riccardo Torlone. Crowdsourcing for Building Knowledge Graphs at Scale from the Vatican Archives.

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Multimedia content analysis

Schedule: Wednesday June 24, 2020 at 12.00-13.00
Session Chair: Ilaria Bartolini, University of Bologna

  • #3 Eugenio Vocaturo and Ester Zumpano. Automatic Detection of Dysplastic Nevi: a Multiple Instance Learning Solution.
  • #10 Giuseppe Amato, Fabio Carrara, Fabrizio Falchi, Claudio Gennaro, Fausto Rabitti and Lucia Vadicamo. Scalar Quantization-Based Text Encoding for Large Scale Image Retrieval.
  • #22 Giuseppe De Pasquale, Blerina Spahiu, Andrea Maurino and Pietro Ducange. Towards Automatic Classification of Sheet Music.
  • #25 Hanna Kavalionak, Claudio Gennaro, Giuseppe Amato, Claudio Vairo, Costantino Perciante, Carlo Meghini, Fabrizio Falchi and Fausto Rabitti. Edge-Based Video Surveillance with Embedded Devices.

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Security issues

Schedule: Wednesday June 24, 2020 at 15.00-16.00
Session Chair: Francesco Leotta, Sapienza University of Rome

  • #8 Angelo Furfaro, Francesco Lupia and Domenico Saccà. Gathering Malware Data through High-Interaction Honeypots.
  • #23 Ada Bagozi, Devis Bianchini, Valeria De Antonellis, Massimiliano Garda and Michele Melchiori. Towards reusable Smart Contracts for trustworthy Collaborative Processes.
  • #47 Fabio Valerio Massoli, Fabrizio Falchi and Giuseppe Amato. kNN-guided Adversarial Attacks.
  • #48 Vito Walter Anelli, Yashar Deldjoo, Tommaso Di Noia, Felice Antonio Merra, Giuseppe Acciani and Eugenio Di Sciascio. Knowledge-enhanced Shilling Attacks for Recommendation.

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Data mining

Schedule: Wednesday June 24, 2020 at 16.15-17.15
Session Chair: Donatella Firmani, Roma Tre University

  • #11 Elena Battaglia and Ruggero G. Pensa. Tensor Co-clustering: a Parameter-less Approach.
  • #12 Elena Battaglia, Livio Bioglio and Ruggero G. Pensa. Classification-based Content Sensitivity Analysis.
  • #34 Alfredo Cuzzocrea, Giovanni Pilato and Edoardo Fadda. User Emotion Detection via Taxonomy Management: An Innovative System.
  • #38 Angelo Impedovo, Corrado Loglisci, Michelangelo Ceci and Donato Malerba. jKarma: a highly-modular framework for pattern-based change detection on evolving data.

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